27 December 2017


The paintings are at the heart of a search for matter and expressiveness. I claim the legacy of contemporary painters like Eugene Leroy, Jacques Truphemus, Frank Auerbach who use the only means of painting to express themselves. This intellectual heritage places my painting towards a certain intimism. The figure and the vegetation are two themes treated frontally. The obsession with the plant inaugurates a new theme appeared in December 2016, it continues in 2017 with large compositions. This universe allows me to fully express the idea of a sovereign and whimsical nature. The figure concentrates a will of paroxysmal expressiveness. The color is consumed live to give the painted subject a radiant force and immediate attractiveness.

ARCH AND WATER SURFACE | 61 x 78.7 in - September 2018

EDEN | Oil on canvas - 53.1 x 68.8 in - 135 x 175 cm - July - inspired by Maurice Denis « Le Paradis » 1912

TURQUOISE OBSESSION | Oil on canvas - 62.9 x 86.6 in - 160 x 220 cm - March 2018

WHITE ROSES AND LIGHT | Oil on canvas - 74.8 x 52.9 in - June 2018